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Clever hiding spots to look for drugs

If you suspect your spouse is under the influence of drugs but have a hard time proving it, you may need to think more creatively about where he or she is stashing the drugs.

Drug addiction causes a person to become more secretive and withdrawn concerning their habits, but there are several common hiding places for drugs.

An alarm clock

If your spouse suddenly abandons the alarm clock on the phone for an old-fashioned battery-operated clock, take a closer look. Users often stash drugs in small baggies in the battery compartment of devices.

A favorite pen

Desperation could cause your spouse to empty the ink cartridge out of a favorite pen and replace it with drugs. If you see the same pen popping up in the car, at the desk or on their person, it could have a secret.

A pair of shoes

Baggies of drugs can fit into the toe portion of a shoe. Look for evidence of drug use in shoes tucked far into the closet or under the bed.

Wrappers for candy or edibles

Certain drugs can look like candy as well as edibles. If your spouse suddenly develops an interest in gummies or hard, colored candies, you might want to inspect those products more carefully.

A heating vent

It is actually easy to remove the cover of a heating vent, making it a clever spot to hide drugs. If your spouse is particular about keeping a clear path around a vent, look to see if there is a baggie taped inside.

Drug addiction can play a role in custody and divorce cases. These tips could help you find hidden drugs in your home.