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It can be heartbreaking to be separated from your grandchildren – having a “do not enter” sign thrust on your face by your own children to prevent you from seeing your grandchildren. The same can be true when you observe your grandchildren being neglected and ignored in a household, thus failing to thrive or lead a normal life. You hope for some intervention that will reinstate the focus on your grandchildren.

In New York, grandparents have certain rights when it comes to visitation and gaining custody of their grandchildren. The Law Offices of Robert W. Dapelo, Esq., PC, in Patchogue, New York, is a seasoned family law firm with more than 30 years of experience. I am founding attorney Robert W. Dapelo, an empathetic ally who is personable and aggressive.

Focusing On Visitation And Custody Matters

New York grandparents have the right to request court-ordered visitation when:

  • One or both parents have died.
  • They have an existing and consistent relationship with the grandchildren.
  • The grandchildren’s parents have blocked their attempts to maintain a relationship.

Grandparents can be caregivers too and have specific rights regarding custody. As in some states, New York grandparents can gain temporary or permanent custody of their grandchildren if the parents prove to be unable to raise the child.

Scenarios may include a parent involved in substance abuse, is abusive, is neglectful, is mentally ill or is incapable of financially supporting the children. We know that courts would prefer placing these children with blood relatives such as grandparents, rather than in foster care with nonrelated adults.

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As a grandparent, you do not wish to be left out in the cold regarding the relationship with your grandchildren. Sometimes intervention may be essential to rescue a child from an abusive home. I am available when you need strong legal help, so please contact me online or call 631-654-9500 for a free initial consultation. Se habla español.