Trial Skill That Makes A Difference In Trying Times

Addressing Your Concerns In Divorce Appeals

New York family law is complicated. Sometimes, the trial court gets it wrong. Pursuing an appeal may be your final opportunity to obtain a different outcome. This is the moment in which you need an experienced and skilled attorney advocating for you.

I am attorney Robert Dapelo, founder of The Law Offices of Robert W. Dapelo, Esq., PC, in Patchogue, New York. I am a Long Island divorce and appeals attorney who can help. I work hard to help my clients succeed. My experience spans not only family law but also appellate law and procedure. I have spent more than 30 years as a litigator. As a result, I know how to identify and present strong grounds for appeal. I also help parties seeking to defend against one.

Key Issues For Appeal

Family law appeals often center on critical decisions that have a far-reaching impact on your life. Examples of common subjects for appeal include:

Your chances of prevailing on appeal depend on the exact issue involved. For that reason, it is important to seek guidance before pursuing an appeal. You can turn to me for an honest assessment of your case. An appeal is much different from proceedings at the trial court level. There are different legal standards and procedural rules. To some extent, appeals require a different skill set than trial work, especially as most of the arguments on an appeal take place in writing. I know how to help you.

Providing Effective Legal Insight

As a respected appellate lawyer, I have the skills and dedication necessary for successfully navigating the appeals process. Let me help you develop an effective strategy. To get started, call The Law Offices of Robert W. Dapelo, Esq., PC, in Patchogue, New York, at 631-654-9500. You can also get in touch via email. The initial consultation is free of charge. Se habla español.