5 Crazy reasons people have filed for divorce

Perhaps you and your spouse have married a long time, but things aren’t going as you’d hoped they would. You likely know numerous other New York couples who decided to divorce, and you may even have discussed your feelings with a trusted friend or two to see if they relate to your experiences. It’s important to remember that no two relationships are exactly the same.

What might cause a serious rift between your married friends may not be a troublesome issue for you and your spouse or vice versa. In fact, you might be surprised at some of the reasons spouses who have filed for divorce in the past have cited as causal factors that prompted their decisions.

Do your spouse’s cleaning habits drive you nuts?

You might know a few couples who argue about household chores. Maybe you and your spouse have done so, especially if you both work outside the home and disagree about who should be responsible for which cleaning tasks around the house. One woman said she filed for divorce because of her husband’s crazy cleaning habits.

The man apparently saw some dirt on a wall once and rather than simply wipe it off, he tore the entire wall down and built a new one. His now former wife said it was the last straw in their relationship, and she’d rather be divorced than continue to live with her husband’s crazy obsession about cleanliness.

Don’t forget about property division rules

If you file for divorce, you and your spouse must resolve property division issues. One wife mistakenly thought she could beat the system by filing for divorce just after winning more than $1 million in a lottery. However, she may have been unaware that every state has rules about money acquired during marriage, and the court ultimately awarded 100% of the winnings to her ex.

Three more reasons for filing for divorce that may surprise you

How many times has your spouse seen you without makeup or have you seen your spouse in the same way? A 34-year-old man reportedly filed for divorce only days after marrying his bride. The reason he cited was that she had deceived him about her looks with false eyelashes and cosmetics, and after seeing her without, he decided to dissolve the marriage.

Would your spouse’s political affiliations be reason enough for you to file for divorce if said affiliations were different from your own? One couple’s marriage came to a screeching halt when one spouse was furious with the way the other spouse had voted in a presidential election. Lack of affection may be something you can relate to as a problem in marriage. One spouse, however, said her spouse was too nice and too good of a cook, so she filed for divorce.

Regardless of your reasons, build a strong support network

Filing for divorce in a New York court is an intensely personal decision. You don’t have to tell anyone and everyone your reasons. It’s helpful, however, to reach out for support, especially if you’re dealing with unique or complex issues that may make it difficult to achieve a fair settlement.