3 tips to avoid making divorce worse on social media

Whether checking in at a favorite restaurant, posting photos or sharing personal stories, these days, most Americans use some kind of social media. According to a recent Pew Research Center report, almost 70% of adults in the U.S. have a Facebook account, and most of them log in to the site daily. 

For many people, sharing their lives on social media is an important way to stay connected and get emotional support when things get tough. Unfortunately, sometimes, too much sharing in online spaces can lead to disastrous results in the real, offline world. Divorcing couples often do not realize that virtually anything they post on the internet could come back to haunt them in court. Here are three tips to avoid making an already bad situation worse:

1. Avoid using social media sites for emotional support

If you have been with your spouse for a while, you probably have at least a few friends in common. Before going on an online rant about your partner, keep in mind that a mutual acquaintance could see it and pass it on.

2. Be careful about what you decide to share

It may seem obvious that you should avoid sharing things that make you look bad, especially during a divorce, but keep in mind that even an “innocent” post may not look so innocent out of context. Before you share, think hard about how your spouse could use it as evidence against you in court. Even simple check-ins to restaurants or bars or frequent party photos could paint a negative picture.

3. Do not trust privacy settings to keep posts private

While it is a good idea to monitor your privacy settings on all the social apps you use, they may not be protecting your information as much as you think. In addition to updates that may change those settings without your knowledge, even a private image or message could become public if someone who follows you shares it with others.