4 divorce mistakes to avoid so you can survive the process

Dissolving a marriage is one of the hardest experiences a person can go through. The process can even lead to overwhelming trauma that changes your physical and mental chemistry.

Unnecessary mistakes during a separation only add to the challenges. Consider four errors to avoid during a divorce.

1. Not controlling your online activity

Social media posts, emails and direct messages can work against you in court. A judge may interpret a fun weekend or a minor indiscretion as a reason to alter a custody arrangement or property division.

Though you may think you have set strict privacy settings on your accounts, treat your online activity and electronic communications as if they were public. Avoid sharing or posting anything that could make you look bad and keep discussions about your divorce offline.

2. Not putting everything in writing

A lack of clear direction in an agreement can leave room for another party to bend the rules. Triple-check all paperwork to ensure you are happy with the arrangement and consider any contingencies or exceptions that could create problems later. Address any concerns you have before it is too late.

3. Being unnecessarily antagonistic

Fighting over inconsequential issues with your ex can hurt other relationships, particularly with your children. Immature behavior can harm your case with the court and keep you from achieving your desired outcome.

4. Not gathering all financial information

Trying to deceive the court about your financial status is not a good idea. The judge can penalize you for trying to hide assets. Even if you unintentionally forget to report something, the outcome can harm your case and lead to unpleasant judgments.

Divorce can test every fiber of your being. However, you have a better chance of holding yourself together by dodging common mistakes.