When divorce is a good thing

Divorce has a negative connotation in many circles, but there are times when it is beneficial. Although both marriage and divorce rates have declined in the last ten years, divorce remains prevalent for those couples who can no longer make their marriages work.

Understand the times when divorce is a good thing.

Addiction has destroyed the marriage

If you have tried everything possible to help your spouse overcome their addiction to no avail, you may come to a point where you have had enough. Especially if you have children, there comes a time when you need to put yourself and the kids first. This is particularly true when your spouse’s addiction is posing a safety risk for your family.

You have grown apart

Spouses who marry in young adulthood sometimes grow apart as they get older. Finding themselves in their adult years can sometimes mean different desires and paths. Although some couples can find a middle ground, some are too divided to do so and are better off divorced.

You are fighting

When you and your spouse spend more time fighting than communicating any other way, that is another indication that divorce is a good thing. Remember that fighting is emotionally draining for both you and your spouse as well as for any children in your household. Divorce can give all of you the sense of peace and calm that you need.

Divorce is not always bad. There are many situations when divorce is a good thing. Recognize when a divorce will help you and your spouse to move on.