How to get revenge during a divorce

It is not uncommon for spouses to bear hostility or animosity towards one another when going through a divorce. In cases where a spouse cheated or caused serious emotional or physical pain, it is understandable to want to return the favor.

Seeking revenge during a divorce can complicate how long it takes for the divorce to go through.

Ways spouses get revenge

There are several ways people try to get revenge during a divorce. It may seem like the right idea at the time, but when looking at the big picture, it is not worth the effort. Spouses will often:

  • Take another spouse to court for everything to run up their legal fees
  • Work hard to alienate any children involved and disturb the relationship with the other parent
  • Spending money recklessly to hide or destroy assets
  • Spread gossip on social media to shame the other spouse
  • Fight over items that are insignificant or have little personal value

It might feel good when you see your soon-to-be ex cringe or experience disappointment, but this is a fleeting victory. There is a better way to get revenge during your divorce.

Healthy revenge options

You can get revenge without sacrificing your character or emotional health by living your best life after the break-up takes place. Spend your time and energy grounding yourself, enjoying your children, seizing new opportunities or re-connecting with old friends.

While it is difficult to go through the pain and anger associated with divorce, you do not have to let the experience bring you down. Turn your attention toward healthy revenge activities.