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3 reasons for having a divorce party

When you first decided to move on in life without your spouse, you may have only told your immediate family and a few close friends. Even if you felt confident that you were making a decision that is best for you and for your kids, you may have felt uneasy — at least, at first — in sharing the news. Since then, however, you may have learned about the idea of having a divorce party and want to know more about it.  

Navigating a divorce can be emotionally draining and stressful, even if you and your ex are on fairly good terms. Hosting a divorce party can be a way to rejuvenate your spirit and help you reconnect with friends on a social level as a single person rather than part of a married couple. How simple or elaborate of a party you make it is entirely up to you.  

Top reasons for hosting a divorce party 

No two situations are exactly the same. Your reasons for hosting a divorce party might be similar or vastly different from another person’s reasons. The following list, however, includes basic reasons why many people, including some celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Robin Thicke, decided to host a party to mark their divorce as a milestone event: 

  • It is a festive way to mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life. 
  • A divorce party can help a person find closure, especially when there is a tinge of sorrow in the split.  
  • You might decide to invite your ex to show that you plan to continue an amicable relationship, especially for your children’s sakes.  

Since a party is a festive celebration, your divorce party probably wouldn’t be the best place to discuss important issues, such as those pertaining to child custody or property division. It would be best to discuss that at another time. 

Make informed decisions and careful choices when you divorce 

A divorce party is also not an occasion for seeking revenge against a former spouse. If you plan to invite your ex, only to make a spectacle of him or her, it might be best to avoid the temptation. Not only might such actions spur hurt feelings, it could spark legal problems, as well.  

Achieving a fair settlement and moving on in life 

Hosting a divorce party might be just what you need to make peace with the past and forge ahead to a new lifestyle. It might also set a positive tone and put you in a frame of mind where you are better able to peacefully discuss the issues you and your ex must resolve to achieve a settlement 

If you disagree about a specific issue, you can ask the court to intervene to make decisions on your behalf, especially if it pertains to child custody, alimony or other financial matters.