Would you agree to these divorce conditions?

If you’ve decided to part ways and move on in life without your spouse, you must resolve certain issues in order to forge a settlement, especially if you have children. If you and your ex get along well, you might be able to get together to talk things over and come up with a plan on your own. That might not be possible, however, if your relationship is contentious, in which case you might need a New York family court judge to intervene to help finalize your divorce conditions.  

You needn’t hesitate to be specific when presenting requests or suggested terms of agreement in your divorce. In fact, there have been many people in the past who have set certain conditions that some people might find a bit odd or, at least, unique. When it comes to making sure your needs are met and adapting to a new lifestyle after divorce, what others think about your requests is not what matters most; getting all that you’re entitled to and achieving a fair settlement is.  

Dayanara Torres signed an agreement to speak kindly about Marc Anthony 

Singer, actress, model and former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres, also happens to be the former spouse of American singer-songwriter, Marc Anthony. As part of the former couple’s divorce settlement, Torres reportedly signed an agreement, promising to never speak negatively about Anthony. The divorce condition included a clause that stated the consequences for breaking the agreement would be a lawsuit filed against Torres.  

Marvin Gaye paid ex-wife with album royalties 

Former “Prince of Motown,” Marvin Gaye (deceased in 1984), apparently struck a deal with his former spouse, stating she would receive half of all profits from one of his albums. Rumors flourished, claiming that Gaye purposely made the album sound awful so that his ex would not get many royalties. Many people, perhaps including some in the music industry, might find this divorce condition rather peculiar.  

Kidneys have been a central focus in more than one divorce 

A man in New York, who had donated a kidney to his wife at the time, asked the court for monies of equal value to the kidney when the couple later divorced. Similarly, a woman in another country also navigated divorce after donating a kidney to her spouse, and she wanted the kidney back as part of the divorce settlement.  

State your divorce conditions clearly and concisely 

You might shudder at the thought of fighting over a body organ with your ex as you process your divorce in a New York court. While kidneys, album royalties or guarded speech might not be your primary concerns, you may take your time and write out clear terms of agreement, incorporating any and all settlement conditions that you believe are necessary to provide for you children, help you receive any and all assets to which you’re entitled, enforce a prenuptial agreement or address any other matters of concern as you finalize your divorce and lay the groundwork for your new lifestyle.