Some people finalize divorce with a party

When you decided that you’d rather move on in life without your spouse rather than stay in an unhappy marriage, the decision may have prompted a series of events. If you have children, you no doubt gathered them together and informed them that you were filing for divorce in a New York court. You probably also started devising a plan that included your goals for a settlement.

Ending a marriage isn’t easy, even if you are the one who has activated the process. Any number of issues may arise that spark disagreement or even legal problems with your former spouse. Finding ways to cope with the emotional stress of it all can be helpful. In fact, many people say they have found it therapeutic to host a divorce party.

Herb rituals symbolize cleansing in a divorce party

Especially if you plan to keep living in the house you shared with your spouse during marriage, you may want to find ways to create a fresh start and to leave the past behind. Hosting a cleansing party is an option more and more people are choosing.  One can use herbs at these parties, such as sage, which burns so that smoke drifts into the atmosphere.

As a symbolic act of cleansing negative energy from a home, you and your friends may want to walk from room to room while gently waving burning sage sticks. Some people add an additional gesture to a cleansing party, which is to light a white candle as a symbol of wishing peace and a happy life to one’s former spouse.

A marriage escape room is a lighthearted party theme

You might feel like you’re all cried out once you get the ball rolling on the legal aspects of your divorce. Perhaps, at some point, you’ll feel like getting together with your closest friends and having a few laughs.

Another trending style of divorce party that is meant to be adventurous and fun is to make reservations at an escape room with an “escape the marriage” theme. Escape rooms are a popular pastime where you enter various rooms, looking for clues to navigate your way through and find the exit.

Is it time to redecorate your house?

If you and your kids are staying in the same house, it’s understandable that you may want to give the rooms a fresh new look, especially your bedroom. You can host a divorce party and enlist a few friends to help you paint, hang new curtains or rearrange furniture, etc.

The idea is to get the redecorating finished first. Then, you can order takeout food and get the party started with some music and fun. If you want to keep things a bit more private, you can plan this type of activity for you and your children only.

Divorce is definitely not all fun and games

The idea of hosting a divorce party might appeal to you. You may also have numerous issues to deal with, however, that are not as fun as having a party. For instance, you and your spouse might disagree about child custody, property division, alimony or other important matters.

Becoming entangled in a dispute can not only squelch a party mood, it can be frustrating and stressful. The sooner you resolve such issues, the better, which is why it’s helpful to know where to seek additional support as needed in order to protect interests and your children’s well-being.