Jana Kramer buys new furniture after divorce

If you’re a New York country music fans who enjoys singer Jana Kramer’s albums, you may also be one of many who are following news regarding her divorce. Kramer was once married to Jacksonville Jaguars’ former undrafted free agent Michael Caussin. Kramer filed for divorce, citing inappropriate marital conduct, adultery and other issues. 

Perhaps you’ve been considering filing for divorce as well. If you’re a parent, you might be able to relate to some of the things Kramer recently said when she opened up about her feelings on a podcast, including sharing details of what she did with her wedding ring.  

Kramer says it was her second wedding ring 

As many people who have divorced under contentious circumstances can attest, Kramer says that she could not bear to keep her wedding ring, which was the second one her former husband had given her, because it reminded her too much of Caussin’s betrayals. If you and your ex are parting ways because of infidelity or some other marital problem, you might have items that remind you of your spouse that you’ll want to get rid of.  

The singer/actress says that she and a couple of friends took her ring to a jeweler to sell. Kramer also sold a diamond bracelet that Caussin had given her after the two wrote a book about trying to restore their relationship and his rehabilitation as a sex addict. If you decide to sell things because they remind you of your ex, you may be interested to know what Kramer did with the proceeds she made from her sales, which was to buy all new furniture for her house. 

Adapting to a post-divorce lifestyle 

Kramer also told podcast listeners that one of the most difficult aspects of her divorce has been getting used to her children not being under the same roof as her when they have “sleepovers” at their father’s house. She said that she told her 5-year-old daughter that she and her dad were still going to be great friends. She told listeners, however, that she cries whenever it is time for her kids to go to their dad’s house. 

It is understandable that, when you divorce, you would hope for a peaceful co-parenting relationship, similar to the one it seems Kramer and Caussin have so far been able to maintain. However, if you encounter legal complications, you should never hesitate to reach out for additional support to help you over the rough spots as you move on in life with your children.