Some of the oddest divorce settlement agreements ever

Marriage can be challenging, and many spouses run into problems that they determine are not resolvable. Do you remember the exact straw that broke the camel’s back and led to your decision to file for divorce in a New York court? If you have children, you no doubt understood from the start that your decision would affect their lives.  

However, you may have been determined to find a way to peacefully resolve all necessary child custody, property division and other divorce-related issues so that you could obtain a fair settlement and move on with your life. Sometimes, what a particular spouse considers “fair” can be rather unique.  

The star of TV show “Knight Rider” wanted to keep his nicknames 

You might remember TV star, David Hasselhoff, who starred in the popular show, “Knight Rider” in the 1980s. During his time on the show, Hasselhoff acquired several nicknames, including “Malibu Dave” and “The Hoff,” among others. When he and his wife were navigating a divorce, Hasselhoff requested that the court grant him all rights to his nicknames.  

New York is an equitable property state 

When you go to court for property division in a New York divorce, you can expect the judge overseeing your case to determine a fair way to split all of your marital property between you and your ex. One of the strangest divorce settlements on record involved a couple in another country who literally sawed their house in half as part of their property settlement.  

While it’s unlikely that you and your ex would want to do such a thing, it is possible that the court might allow you to barter certain assets as part of a fair agreement process.  

Can human organs be part of a divorce settlement? 

Several couples in the past have gone to court over their own kidneys during divorce. One woman had donated a kidney to her spouse during marriage and demanded that he return it when he left her and they divorced. Another man didn’t want his kidney back, but he did want the court to assign a monetary value to it and include that value as part of his property settlement.  

While you and your ex might not be squabbling over human organs, it’s possible that you may encounter challenges during property division proceedings. A New York family court judge carefully considers numerous factors before handing down a ruling in such cases. If you have questions about the process, you can speak with someone who is well-versed in state laws before heading to court.