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“Bob Tells You Like It Is And Gets The Job Done”

“I’ve been using Bob for a very very long time. Everything from false criminal complaints, child custody battles- to child support issues, Bob has professionally handled all with ease!!! I currently have SOLE-LEGAL and RESIDENTIAL of “ALL“ my children thanks to Bob. Don’t waste your time with attorneys that tell you want to hear…… Bob tells you like it is and gets the job done. Thanks Bob!”

“Call And Be Prepared To Win”

“Robert Dapelo is very profesional down to earth an amazing attorney who knows his stuff 🏆🏅is to be taken serious he can represent you in all matters their is a reason he’s been doing this since 1984 ⚖️call and be prepared to win.”

“Honest And Trustworthy”

“After using Mr. Dapelo law firm I found he was extremely knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend him and his law firm for any type of legal matter that you have.”

“Mr. Dapelo Is The Best!”

“Had such a great experience. Mr. Dapelo is the best! Very knowledgeable and totally put my mind at ease. The whole process exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.”

“His Experience And Caring Attitude Shows”

“I have hired Mr. Dapelo for two litigations. One a pending litigation for divorce, which he has worked diligently towards making this divorce happen. The second, a child support matter that I was served with after my ex avoided service for the divorce. He worked very hard to protect my rights as a single mother. Mr. Dapelo and his staff are always available to answer my questions, no matter how small, and always explain it in a manner that I can understand. His experience and caring shows, as I have dealt with other lawyers who were nothing more than a body standing next to me in court. Mr. Dapelo works hard for me as a client, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a decent, honest lawyer.”


“Bob Dapelo Is One EXCELLENT Attorney!!!!”

“Bob Dapelo is by far the best attorney I’ve ever dealt with.

When I first decided to get a divorce I had retained an attorney elsewhere and nothing was being resolved. I was extremely frustrated with my attorney and decided to look for new representation.

From the moment I walked into Mr. Dapelo’s office, I knew I would be in better hands. He assured me that I would be able to get everything I needed out of my divorce and I DID!

Bob Dapleo has just the right amount of aggression in court to be able to stand his ground and be intimidating but he can also be compassionate when necessary. He knows his stuff! I was impressed by him from the very first consultation and from there I was more and more amazed by his competence in the court room each and every appearance.

I was not married to a very nice man and Bob really made him “pay” so to speak, for all of the horrible things he did to me and my children.

I wouldn’t use any other attorney for anything. Bob is the BEST! I truly believe he is the only HONEST attorney I’ve ever met! Worth every penny!”


“Appreciate Your Professionalism”

“Would like to thank you for your efforts, winning the case and obtaining the money. Really, really appreciate your professionalism and thorough knowledge about this matter.

Thank you once again.

~A very happy client!”


“Confident And Intelligent Professional”

“Robert Dapelo did an excellent job representing me in court. I am very grateful that I hired a knowledgable and experienced lawyer.

For the first time, I was summoned to court. I was very stressed about dealing with my ex and going through a very difficult time in my life. Robert Dapelo by my side made me feel comfortable and eased my anxiety. He was very aggressive and confident in the court room. In court, Robert demanded justice and I was very pleased with the outcome.

You’re in good hands if Robert Dapelo is your lawyer.”


“Aggressive And Tough Lawyer”

“This lawyer argued for me when no one else would and helped me and my kids get the money we needed to live.”


“Very Trustworthy And Knowledgeable Attorney”

“Mr. Dapelo has handled several family court matters for me and he has been understanding of my family problems and caring for the welfare of my family. He is very informed about the law and uses his knowledge to help me and my family very much. Without his help, the system would have been no help to me.”


“Bob Dapelo Is The Best Attorney EVER!”

“Bob handled a custody matter for me with an excellent outcome! He is very knowledgeable and extremely aggressive. You’ll never doubt that he has your best interests at heart.

Bob is so easy to talk to and he’ll always be honest no matter what. I would recommend Mr. Dapelo to anyone who wants a good outcome in this case.”


“A Lawyer You Can Trust”

“Mr. Dapelo is a man of action, dedication and fully vested in whatever situation his clients are in. He has a brilliant mind who knows New York state law and this knowledge will benefit you no matter what your legal needs are. Mr. Dapelo is currently handling our purchase of a small business, and we are extremely pleased with his expertise and professionalism.”