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Out-Of-State And Foreign Assets

Property division is a critical aspect of divorce — especially for couples with high net worth. Even though you are pursuing divorce in New York, your assets may not all be located in the state. Out-of-state and foreign assets pose special challenges.

Don't risk your financial future by failing to invest in trusted legal counsel. Turn to me, Robert Dapelo, a divorce attorney based in Patchogue. I am well-versed in how to effectively handle high-asset cases with property in multiple jurisdictions. When it comes to protecting your property interests and financial future, you can count on my 25-plus years of aggressive legal advocacy.

Out-Of-State Assets

In today's mobile world, it's not uncommon for couples to have lived and worked in multiple states. Perhaps you or your spouse still own real estate or retirement assets outside of New York. I've handled many such cases and can offer knowledgeable guidance.

International Assets

When international assets come into play, the complexities multiply. Property such as real estate, cash accounts and stock accounts might be difficult to identify, access and appraise. Much depends on the other country's laws.

Finding Hidden Assets

A clear financial picture is essential for dividing property during divorce. You can't obtain a fair outcome without first identifying all of your spouse's assets. Significant out-of-state or international property may be hidden, intentionally or unintentionally. Either way, a full-fledged financial investigation may be necessary to root out the full extent of the property. I can work with financial experts to examine credit reports, tax returns and other documentation to make sure no assets remain undisclosed.

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