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How should parents spend child support money?

When a single mother or father has full custody of his or her children, the financial burden of caring for the children will be noteworthy. For this reason, New York family law courts usually order the noncustodial parent to pay a specific amount of money each month in child support payments.

What is constructive emancipation?

Nearly all children want to be adults as quickly as possible. It's only later that -- as adults -- we might hark back to the days of when we were younger and didn't have a care or concern.

Can I change my child custody plan?

There could be any number of reasons why you'd want to change your child custody plan. Maybe you started a new job and your work schedule doesn't fit in with this. Or, maybe you got sick and you can't take care of your children in the same way at this time.

Pets and divorce: What does your dog really want?

In New York child custody cases, courts will always consider the best interests of the child first and foremost in arriving at their child custody decisions. In certain circumstances -- when the child is old enough and mature enough -- courts will also ask for input from the child when making their determinations on what is in the child's best interests.

Did your spouse euthanize or steal your dog when leaving you?

For many couples without children, dogs end up thought of and treated like "fur babies." Emotionally, those pets become your children. In some cases, such as a suddenly discovered affair, dogs and other pets can become leverage during a divorce. Your former spouse may have filed for divorce, changed the locks and kept your dogs. In some cases, your former spouse may have gone even further and taken your pet to the veterinarian to have it euthanized. Not only do you have to live with the end of your relationship, you'll also be grieving your beloved pet. The emotional fallout can be long-lasting.


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