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Marital issues that often lead to divorce for New York spouses

When you got married, you likely assumed you'd be with your spouse for a lifetime. Whether five, 10, 20 or more years have passed since then, you've no doubt had to overcome some challenges in your relationship. That's typical for most married couples. There are certain issues, however, that often cause spouses to reach an impasse in their marriages, differences that they feel they can't resolve without parting ways.

While your relationship is unique, you may be able to relate to other spouses who cite common reasons for wanting to divorce. Whether a particular spouse actually files a petition in New York or finds a way to rise above relationship problems depends on many factors. In any case, if you really think your marriage may be headed for divorce, you'll want to begin building a strong support network as soon as possible.

The final straw

An issue that sparks contention between you and your spouse might seem irrelevant to another married couple. However, many people say the issues on the following list are common factors that often lead to divorce:

  • If you or your spouse feel as though you weren't adequately prepared to marry, it might be driving a wedge between you. Maybe you were quite young or didn't go through any formal marriage prep process, which might have left you wondering if you'd made a mistake as time went on.
  • Do you and your spouse share a similar faith? If not, religious differences might be one of the biggest problems in your marriage.
  • Dealing with chronic or terminal illness isn't easy. Many marriages cannot withstand the stress of serious illness.
  • No one likes a cheater. While some couples try to work things out after an affair, others almost immediately head for court to divorce.
  • If your spouse has a substance abuse problem, it might be an issue that has caused a serious breakdown in your marriage.
  • There are also many New York spouses who say that domestic violence was the key factor that led them to divorce. If you're in a domestic violence situation, it's always best to seek immediate safe shelter and additional support, as needed.

When divorce is imminent

It doesn't matter so much whether you or your spouse are the one who files for divorce as much as it does whether you know where to seek support if you need it. You might want to speak to a licensed counselor if you're having a particularly difficult time emotionally. Many spouses, especially those who are parents, also often schedule meetings with experienced family law attorneys to help them organize their documents and negotiate fair settlements.

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