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A Tenacious Approach To Alimony Issues | Patchogue Lawyer Robert Dapelo

Divorce involves disentangling your assets and finances. For most couples, a clean split is the ideal outcome. Yet the financial obligations of marriage can still affect you during and after divorce.

Alimony — also called spousal support or spousal maintenance — is one of the most pivotal financial issues in divorce. Several types of alimony may come under consideration in your case:

  • A temporary award while the divorce proceedings are pending
  • Durational alimony that lasts for a set period of time
  • Nondurational (permanent) alimony, which may be available in limited situations

Which type of award (if any) is appropriate, and in what amount, depends a great deal on your situation. Perhaps you were the nonworking spouse who supported your partner's career. Or, perhaps you were the breadwinner who worked long hours for years or decades to support the family.

Whatever your circumstances — whether you are fighting for or against an initial alimony award or post-judgment modification — your success hinges on your ability to present compelling legal arguments based on the guidelines under New York law.

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Choosing an experienced lawyer is the wisest investment you can make at this critical juncture. You can feel confident in your choice when you contact me, Robert Dapelo, a Patchogue divorce lawyer. Alimony issues have consistently been at the forefront of my divorce law practice. I am no stranger to high-stakes cases. My reputation as an effective litigator and fierce advocate for clients has contributed to numerous successful outcomes in even the most complex, high-asset cases.

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