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Are You A Parent Seeking Relocation? | Long Island Attorney Robert Dapelo

When a child custody arrangement is in place, relocating the children to another city or state is not as simple as picking up and leaving. The move will impact the children's relationship with the other parent. It may also impact their school, friends, activities and relationships with relatives. Generally, court permission is necessary for making a major move.

When facing a dispute over child relocation, you need a strong advocate to present a compelling case in court. Proven litigation skills are an essential ingredient for success.

If you are a Long Island parent seeking relocation, contact attorney Robert Dapelo in Patchogue for a free consultation.

I am a veteran lawyer with 25-plus years of litigation experience. I offer zealous legal representation for parents seeking to relocate their children or to challenge the other parent's proposed move. Whether your situation requires aggressive advocacy in court or strategic negotiation to obtain an out-of-court resolution, I am well-equipped to protect your rights and your relationship with your children.

What Goes Into A Winning Case

New York courts will look at a variety of factors to determine whether a proposed relocation is in the children's best interests. Key considerations include:

  • The reasons for the move: Is this an ill-thought-out relocation based on a whim or an underhanded strategy to alienate the children from the other parent? Or, are there legitimate reasons for the move, such as a job relocation, better schools or proximity to other family?
  • The impact on the children: Will the move completely uproot the children and detrimentally impact their emotional well-being? Or, will it lead to a better lifestyle and more solid relationships?
  • The effect on the other parent: Will the move completely impair the other parent's ability to remain involved in the children's lives? Has the other parent been meaningfully involved in their lives up until this point?

I've handled all types of relocation situations, and I know what goes into making a strong case.

For a candid assessment of your options, please send me an email or call my law firm, The Law Offices of Robert W. Dapelo, Esq., PC, in Suffolk County at 631-654-9500 (toll free 888-325-6199). The initial consultation is free of charge.