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Protect Your Custody And Visitation Rights | Attorney Robert Dapelo

How will divorce or separation impact your kids? For any couple with minor children, this is likely your foremost concern. Navigating child custody proceedings in New York can lead to countless worries.

Alleviate your concerns by seeking professional legal guidance at The Law Offices of Robert W. Dapelo, Esq., PC, in Patchogue. I am Robert Dapelo, the firm's founder and a veteran family law attorney. Child custody and visitation have long made up a substantial portion of my practice. Drawing on 25-plus years of experience, I am well-qualified to aggressively advocate for your parental rights with a focus on your children's best interests.

Your relationship with your children is priceless. Lawyer Robert Dapelo has the experience and tenacity to help you fight for that relationship.

Understanding The Legal And Human Elements Of Custody Determinations

When it comes to child custody, you may be envisioning an all-or-nothing outcome. Yet it's rarely that black-and-white. Arriving at a parenting plan that makes sense for your family requires sorting through many layers of case-specific considerations.

I bring to the table not only an in-depth understanding of New York family law, but also an understanding of the human elements involved in custody issues.

Types Of Custody Situations

Child custody proceedings usually arise out of divorce or separation. Yet they can also happen as a consequence of paternity proceedings. I handle all of these situations for clients across the Suffolk County area.

I also represent parents in post-judgment proceedings for custody modification, including requests to relocate or requests for visitation modifications due to parental alienation. You can count on me for diligent representation whether you are requesting or challenging a modification.

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