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My success in the courtroom has given me the reputation as a tough litigator who won't back down. Let me provide the high-caliber representation you deserve.

Putting Decades Of Divorce Experience To Work For You

Divorce is rarely an easy process. Choosing the right attorney can go a long way toward making it as smooth and painless as possible.

An effective divorce attorney must have experience, tenacity and the ability to fight for you under pressure. You will find those strengths at The Law Offices of Robert W. Dapelo, Esq., PC, in Patchogue.

I am Robert Dapelo, the firm’s founder and lead attorney. As an experienced divorce lawyer and the host of “Divorce Course,” a weekly program on Long Island News Radio, I am intimately familiar with the complexities of New York family law. Over the course of my 25-year career, I have successfully handled all types of divorce cases, from complex, high-asset marital estates to basic, uncontested matters. This breadth of experience gives me the ability to protect your interests no matter what direction your case takes.

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“Bob Dapelo is one EXCELLENT attorney!”

“He knows his stuff! I was impressed by him from the very first consultation and from there I was more and more amazed by his competence in the courtroom in each and every appearance.”

Why Choose Me?



In practice for 30 years



Former host of “Divorce Course” radio program


Trial skill:

Former prosecutor who is in court nearly every day


Personal service:

Friendly, one-on-one attention



Flexible fee arrangements and 24/7 answering service


Se habla español:

Ready to assist in Spanish or English

How I Will Work To Secure Your Success

Not every divorce or child custody case ends up at trial. In fact, most don’t. But thorough trial preparation and proven litigation skills are critical to obtaining a favorable out-of-court resolution.

I approach every case with the diligence and detail-oriented focus of a litigator. As a result of my extensive trial experience, I am always ready to stand up for you in court. You can count on me to go to bat for you against even the most challenging of opponents. This level of determination will empower you to emerge from the process in a far better position than if you did not have competent legal counsel.

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